F_FIRE1Confirmation is the sacrament in which the Holy Spirit comes to us in a special way to join us more closely to Jesus and his Church and to seal and strengthen us as Christ’s witnesses. The blessed oil is used to anoint as a sign showing that strength and power are being received from the Holy Spirit. In Confirmation our faith is deepened, strengthened and matured. Through this Sacrament we are bound to Christ and his Church. Confirmation is held once each year in our Parish.

This is usually in the month of June, but has been at other times. A Mass of enrollment for candidates is held, usually in December, prior to commencing the preparation.

There are nine preparatory sessions, running during the schools’ term-time, on Tuesdays at 6pm and each following Saturday at 11am. Candidates may elect to attend either on Tuesdays or Saturdays but may be asked to go into the alternative slot if numbers for one or other session is too full.  The full confirmation programme is shown here.

There will be two special weekday evening sessions for Candidates’ Parents to help them prepare and better support their children as they take this important step towards adulthood within the Church. Details of these will be announced in the Parish newsletter.

In addition to the weekly sessions we arrange an away day towards the end of the course when all candidates go together to a venue outside the parish. This enables us to explore the themes associated with Confirmation in various creative ways.

Young people who wish to prepare for and be confirmed should first apply to the parish priest for a form these are avaliable from October each year. Please refer to the newsletter for details

The Holy Spirit in the form of a dove At Confirmation we receive gifts from the Holy Spirit:
Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, The Fear of the Lord