Lay Readers at Mass

The Church provides a lectionary for weekday readings at Mass, a separate lectionary for Sundays and Holy days, and a third volume for special occasions. These spread the Gospels, epistles and key extracts from the Old Testament over a two-year cycle (weekdays) and a three-year cycle (Sundays).

Since the Second Vatican Council, the Church has encouraged lay people to become involved in the ministry of reading the Word; the appointed epistle and/or psalm. The Church stresses the importance of this Ministry. The reading should always point to God.
Preferably, a reader should take plenty of time to prepare for their task and should not be distracted by undertaking other tasks within the same service. Readers are encouraged to undertake training to ensure that the Holy Scriptures are proclaimed reverently and clearly for the benefit of all the congregation. In this Parish, training sessions are held as required – usually for two hours at the most on a Saturday morning.

If you wish to be a reader, please contact the Parish priest.