Parish Grotto


In October 2007, the Parish Grotto was inaugurated and blessed by the Area Bishop, the Right Reverend Paul Hendricks. This was the fruit of the labour of many parishioners, who worked industriously for several months.

The ground had to be cleared and prepared before the actual Grotto was created.

We now have a beautiful and serene focal point dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima. This celebrates the simple faith of three children from a Portuguese village who shared in seeing visions of Our Lady on several occasions in the early 1900’s.In spite of being severely tested by the authorities, the children maintained their accounts of the lady who told them to use the Rosary but, more importantly, the Mass, as a way of defending the faith against Communism and other political evils.

The Grotto is open for parishioners to use during most weekdays. Entry is via the gate by the side of the church.

Please treat the Grotto as a quiet area for reflection and prayer.