The Servite Sisters – The Order of the Servants of Mary  (OSM)

The Servite Sisters initially came to Mitcham at the invitation of the then Parish Priest and by agreement with the Archbishop of that time in 1971. Their home at 1 Preshaw Crescent was consecrated as a convent and the Sisters were asked to take on specific pastoral and catechetical roles within the Parish, with two of them teaching in our Parish School, SS Peter and Paul’s.

In the intervening years, as with most organisations, there have been several changes of personnel. For some it has been the time to retire and move to other Servite convents/homes. Others have moved to new assignments elsewhere in the world. The decline in vocations has also affected the numbers who have lived in the Parish and currently there are just two sisters, both employed in jobs in and outside the Parish.

Contacts: Srs Dominic and Shirley OSM

The Servite Associates


The principal aim of the Servite Associates is to meet and to pray together regularly, in support of the members of the Order of Sisters and Fathers of the Servants of Mary (hence, ‘Servites’). We meet when we can, usually on the first Sunday of each month at 4pm in the Parish Room in order to learn about the work of the order throughout the world, to pray for vocations and to do whatever we may feel able to do to support the work and to promote the call for more vocations. We enjoy just under two hours of companionship, contemplation, praise and prayer.

One or two people undertake to present the theme for each meeting on a rotating basis, so that the responsibility and work are shared equally. Similarly, the task of arranging refreshments is shared.

The group is open to newcomers, especially those men and women who feel a calling to be closer to Mary, the Mother of Our Lord; His first and most complete servant.

Contacts: Sr Shirley and Nick Pizey