wednesdaywordlogo SHARING SUNDAY’S GOSPEL
with Parents & Families 

We have introduced  the Wednesday Word initiative to our Parish during the Year of Faith, which starts on the 11th October.  Our Archbishop, Peter Smith has asked all parishes in the diocese to become involved.  It will be a rich way to build the spiritual wealth of our Parish and has the potential to involve every family, group and individual in a fresh look at the Sunday readings, making the Sunday Mass that follows,  all the more dynamic and meaningful,

The Wednesday Word in Brief (extracted from the Wednesday Word website)

In the formative stage of a Christian life there are three supports: The Family, The School, The Church

The Wednesday Word is an attempt to bridge the gap between the family and the local Church Community via the School. Each week the Sunday Gospel is sent out into thousands of school family homes.

For school parents the arrival of The Wednesday Word into the family home seeks to act as a weekly reminder of the love that our Lord has for them and also of the responsibility that many accepted at Baptism, to bring their children to the knowledge and practice of the Good News that we have received in Jesus.

Moreover, where adults are evangelised and their faith in God nurtured, and where Catholic/Christian family spirituality is embraced by families, we find a powerful antidote to family relationship breakdown.

The Wednesday Word at SS Peter and Paul’s – Mitcham

We are keen to begin using the Parish Version of the Wednesday Word with a group of committed Parishioners.  If you are interested in deepening your appreciation of the WORD as revealed in Sunday masses, and so enriching your Faith, join us on Wednesday mornings in the Parish Room for 1 hour after the 9am Mass.  Please come and experience the Wednesday Word.

You can pick up a copy of the Parish resource from the back of the church, or download a copy from (opens in a new window)